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SAVEDOG helps to fill a 'weak link' in the rescue dog adoption process - TRANSPORT.
We specialize in relocating at-risk dogs rescued from areas in Southeastern states with 'too many unwanted dogs', to Northeastern states and Canada where there's actually a 'shortage of adoptable dogs'.

SAVEDOG Project relocates 20-30 rescued dogs per transport, 3-4 times a month in a fully climate-controlled transport vehicle. Our transports range from 800-2,000 miles round trip, typically with several pre-planned pickups and deliveries of dogs made along the transport route. We focus on relocating at-risk dogs from overcrowded shelters and rescue groups located in southern states with an overpopulation of abandoned dogs (NC, SC, FL, GA, TN, LA). We transport these at-risk dogs to vetted receiving partners located in Washington DC, PA, NY, MA, VT and Canada. It's a BIG task that requires a collaborative TEAM effort and a number of steps in order to get our precious four-legged 'VIPs' (Very Important Pups) to safety. 


Since 2017, we've transported an average of 800 at-risk dogs per year. Not content, we intend to scale our relocation program to help liberate significantly more dogs each year. We've recently purchased a 2nd, much larger transport vehicle (currently under construction, estimated delivery by May 2023) that'll increase our ability to safely carry 2-3x as many dogs per rescue transport. Stay tuned. 

Your donations are crucial to the work that we do.
We charge no transport fee and are not reimbursed by any organization.
As a result, we rely on generous public donations to keep our transports running.

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