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Get Involved with SAVEDOG Project

We rely on your support to keep our Transport/Relocation programs running. Here are some ways you can get involved and support our efforts:


ONLINE: Create a GoFundMe campaign, or through Social Media - Facebook, Instagram Stories.

EVENT: Host an event, i.e. designate a table at a Birthday, Wedding, Anniversary, etc. Please ask us how we can help with online campaigns, materials, or setting up a table / booth.

For more info please contact:


Looking to get some hands-on involvement with SAVEDOG? We’d love to have your help!

We are currently looking for experienced volunteers to assist with:

  • Social Media Marketing - Organic and Paid. 

  • Business Development:
    Fundraising, Soliciting Grants, Corporate Sponsorships.


Please contact


Spread the word by posting, sharing tagging on Social Media, or by driving people to our site and donation link.

  • Facebook
  • Instagram
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